The Villa and Hamlet of Montozzi

A touch of Florentine Elegance

A new Country Seat and its farms

In 1660 the brothers, Francesco and Ottavio Bartolini Baldelli completed the building of a ‘Villa Palazzo’ to their taste and needs in the style of a Florentine townhouse incorporating part of the original castle (the east tower and parts to the north can still be seen today).
In 1710, their nephew, Senator Francesco Maria together with his wife, Maddalena Giraldi, added the double loggias giving onto the gardens as well as building a new church. In those years, Francesco Maria was Lieutenant of the Drawing Arts Academy (Accademia delle Arti del Disegno) where he met the artists most in fashion at that time. He decided to take the painter Giovanni Camillo Sagrestani to Montozzi to fresco the Villa and Church and the decorator, Giovan Martino Portogalli for the stucco decorations.
Furthermore, he renovated large parts of the old castle for agricultural use given the demands of the extensive farm lands. He created wine cellars, storage for farm machinery, olive oil jar storage, workshops and brick ovens.


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